Client Consultation

Whether you provide your consultation by phone or in person, the most important thing to remember is that you must visually view the area you will be working on before determining how many millimeters of hyaluronic acid you will be injecting. Most patients will not know the effects of 1ml of product verses 1.5ml or even 4ml when injected into the lip region of the face. In most cases, the average client requests 1ml distributed between both upper and lower lip. For facial enhancements, this amount can vary greatly depending on the area you will be working on.

In the case of the Hyaluron Pen, because we use a smoother product made for fine line injections, we are discovering that in some cases we might need to use a bit more product than we would when using typical needle injections, especially for clients that have been receiving needle injection fillers for a while and are accustomed to the large amount of swelling that occurs at injection. 

For instance, if a client states they are accustomed to receiving 1ml of filler in the lips with needle injection, then you might suggest 1.5ml hyaluronic acid using the Hyaluron Pen, at least for the first 2-4 injections. Don't over inject, the product will expand within 24 hours and with water consumption, you can always add more in a later session if desired. They will leave with little to no swelling, and the fullness they are seeing is the gel deposited at the epidermal/ upper dermal level of skin, which gives the fuller appearance. This is just one of the wonderful benefits using the Hyaluron Pen. 

Additional benefits you will want to include in your service and consultation are: 

• No Numbing Required 

• Little to No Swelling 

• Little to No Bleeding 

• 20-30 Minute Procedure Time 

• Smoother and Enhanced Appearance 

• Less Chance of Side Effects Caused By Needle Injection    

AAI provides the necessary client intake forms needed for these consultations. The details listed on the intakes forms is something we encourage you to include in your consultation. Because injecting Hyaluronic Acid with the Hyaluron Pen is a relatively new procedure, most patients will have many questions and concerns. It is up to you, as the practitioner, to make them feel as confident and comfortable as possible. 

All treatment begins with a consultation in which you will ask the client a series of questions about how they are feeling, medical history, and why they have requested this treatment. This is an opportunity for you to ensure that there are no reasons why it would not be advisable for the client to have a treatment, ruling out any contraindications. 

It is important that you keep fully detailed client records for every single client you have. 

Client Record Cards/Consultation Forms should be completed on every visit the client makes to you. On their first visit, you will need to have a full consultation to ascertain if the client has any problems. Following the consultation, when you have fully recorded the details, you need to ask your client to sign the form to confirm that the details given are correct. 

Following this, on each visit that the client makes to you, you should mark on the bottom of the form the date of the visit, what the treatment undertook was, and ask the client to sign the form to say that he/she is happy with the treatment. 

The consultation is an opportunity to learn about the client’s medical history and any contraindications such as: 

• Full details of skin type and history 

• Lifestyle 

• Ensure the client has realistic expectations 

• Ensure the following information is explained and allow the client the chance to ask any questions they may have 

• Explain the treatment aftercare and downtime 

• Explain when to expect to get another treatment if desired 

• Treatment costs 

• To ensure that the client is not contraindicated in any way 

• To ensure that the client gets the best, safest and most successful treatment possible   

More detail on contraindications as well as health and safety guidelines will be covered later on in the course.

All client intake forms will be located at the end of this course where you will be able to download for your own use. Use these forms to keep the consultation structured, and to ensure both the client and yourself enjoy a constructive consultation experience. Follow our recommended format but allow the direction of conversation to be led by the client. This enables you to ascertain what questions and concerns they may have, increasing the likelihood of the consultation resulting in a booking. If your client is proceeding with treatment, make sure they see a copy of our pre-care guidelines.      

Treatment Expectations


Disclaimer of Medical and Legal Liability: Aesthetics Accreditation International training courses are intended to provide the general knowledge to perform procedures but is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Reliance on the information in this training course for procedural purposes is to be used at your own risk. If you have questions or concerns, contact a medical professional prior to treatment. AAI is not held responsible or liable for risks involved with this procedure. 

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